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What we do

taldoo is a web application which unleashes undiscovered talents within your company. Your staff members register their non-business related talents within the taldoo talent database. With taldoo’s search function you can look for specific talents and ask them to join your projects. Support your talents and save costs at the same time.

Easy and intuitive Handling

taldoo's strength is its simplicity. No manuals or trainings needed. It's self explaining.

Search Functionality

The search function is the heart of our application. You can search by keyword, category and skill. taldoo finds the best matches within your talent pool.

Super Sleek Application

Our application is web-based and can be integrated into your existing intranet solutions. taldoo is fully responsive designed for mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers.

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Our Mission

We believe that every employee within a company is equal regardless of the job position. Furthermore, every employee should have the same chances to get involved within the companie's projects.

With taldoo we want to help companies to unleash their undiscovered talents.

And it's so easy.

Taldoo's talent database is a perfect way for motivating internal staff members and save costs at the same time.

Unfocus your employees minds with activities stimulating their non-business related skills. Get back motivated, engaged and much more business focussed staff members.

At the same time your company saves costs and builds a new way of talent management.


We keep it simple. No hidden costs. Our price plans are based on the number of user. The monthly subscription fee will be billed automatically to your designated credit card. You can stop the monthly payments at any time.

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On our Gold and Platinum Plans we offer a special discount.
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